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Packages that use Detachable
com.mysema.query Contains basic Query elements 
com.mysema.query.jdo JDOQL support for Querydsl 
com.mysema.query.jpa Query implementations for HQL and JPAQL 
com.mysema.query.jpa.hibernate JPQL for Hibernate 
com.mysema.query.jpa.impl JPQL for JPA 
com.mysema.query.sql SQL/JDBC support for Querydsl Various support classes 

Uses of Detachable in com.mysema.query

Classes in com.mysema.query with type parameters of type Detachable
 interface QueryFactory<Q extends Query<?>,SQ extends Detachable>
          Common interface for QueryFactory implementations

Uses of Detachable in com.mysema.query.jdo

Classes in com.mysema.query.jdo that implement Detachable
 class AbstractJDOQLSubQuery<Q extends AbstractJDOQLSubQuery<Q>>
          Abstract superclass for SubQuery implementations
 class JDOQLSubQuery
          JDOQLSubQuery is subquery implementation for JDOQL

Uses of Detachable in com.mysema.query.jpa

Classes in com.mysema.query.jpa that implement Detachable
 class AbstractJPQLSubQuery<Q extends AbstractJPQLSubQuery<Q>>
          Abstract superclass for SubQuery implementations
 class JPQLSubQuery
          JPQLSubQuery is a subquery class for JPQL

Uses of Detachable in com.mysema.query.jpa.hibernate

Classes in com.mysema.query.jpa.hibernate that implement Detachable
 class HibernateSubQuery
          HibernateSubQuery is a subquery class for Hibernate

Uses of Detachable in com.mysema.query.jpa.impl

Classes in com.mysema.query.jpa.impl that implement Detachable
 class JPASubQuery
          JPASubQuery is a subquery class for JPA

Uses of Detachable in com.mysema.query.sql

Classes in com.mysema.query.sql that implement Detachable
 class AbstractSQLSubQuery<Q extends AbstractSQLSubQuery<Q>>
          Abstract superclass for SubQuery implementations
 class SQLSubQuery
          SQLSubQuery is a subquery implementation for SQL queries

Uses of Detachable in

Classes in that implement Detachable
 class DetachableAdapter
          DetachableAdapter is an apadater implementation for the Detachable interface
 class DetachableMixin
          Mixin style implementation of the Detachable interface
 class DetachableQuery<Q extends DetachableQuery<Q>>
          DetachableQuery is a base class for queries which implement the Query and Detachable interfaces

Methods in that return Detachable
 Detachable DetachableAdapter.getDetachable()

Methods in with parameters of type Detachable
protected  void DetachableAdapter.setDetachable(Detachable detachable)

Constructors in with parameters of type Detachable
DetachableAdapter(Detachable detachable)

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