Class StringSubQuery

  extended by com.mysema.query.types.expr.DslExpression<T>
      extended by com.mysema.query.types.expr.SimpleExpression<T>
          extended by com.mysema.query.types.expr.ComparableExpressionBase<T>
              extended by com.mysema.query.types.expr.ComparableExpression<String>
                  extended by com.mysema.query.types.expr.StringExpression
                      extended by com.mysema.query.types.query.StringSubQuery
All Implemented Interfaces:
Expression<String>, ExtendedSubQueryExpression<String>, SubQueryExpression<String>, Serializable

public final class StringSubQuery
extends StringExpression
implements ExtendedSubQueryExpression<String>

String typed single result subquery

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.mysema.query.types.expr.DslExpression
Constructor Summary
StringSubQuery(QueryMetadata md)
Method Summary
<R,C> R
accept(Visitor<R,C> v, C context)
          Accept the visitor with the given context
 BooleanExpression exists()
          Get an exists(this) expression for the subquery
 QueryMetadata getMetadata()
          Get the query metadata for the subquery
 BooleanExpression notExists()
          Get a not exists(this) expression for the subquery
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Constructor Detail


public StringSubQuery(QueryMetadata md)
Method Detail


public final <R,C> R accept(Visitor<R,C> v,
                            C context)
Description copied from interface: Expression
Accept the visitor with the given context

Specified by:
accept in interface Expression<String>
Type Parameters:
R - return type
C - context type
v - visitor
context - context of visit


public BooleanExpression exists()
Description copied from interface: ExtendedSubQueryExpression
Get an exists(this) expression for the subquery

Specified by:
exists in interface ExtendedSubQueryExpression<String>


public QueryMetadata getMetadata()
Description copied from interface: SubQueryExpression
Get the query metadata for the subquery

Specified by:
getMetadata in interface SubQueryExpression<String>


public BooleanExpression notExists()
Description copied from interface: ExtendedSubQueryExpression
Get a not exists(this) expression for the subquery

Specified by:
notExists in interface ExtendedSubQueryExpression<String>

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