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Packages that use PathBuilder
com.mysema.query.types.path Paths represent typed property paths, variables and list-map-array access 

Uses of PathBuilder in com.mysema.query.types.path

Methods in com.mysema.query.types.path that return PathBuilder
<T> PathBuilder<T>
PathBuilderFactory.create(Class<T> clazz)
 PathBuilder<Object> PathBuilder.get(String property)
          Get a PathBuilder instance for the given property
<A> PathBuilder<A>
PathBuilder.get(String property, Class<A> type)
          Get a PathBuilder for the given property with the given type

Methods in com.mysema.query.types.path that return types with arguments of type PathBuilder
<A> CollectionPath<A,PathBuilder<A>>
PathBuilder.getCollection(String property, Class<A> type)
          Get a new Collection typed path
<A> ListPath<A,PathBuilder<A>>
PathBuilder.getList(String property, Class<A> type)
          Get a new List typed path
<K,V> MapPath<K,V,PathBuilder<V>>
PathBuilder.getMap(String property, Class<K> key, Class<V> value)
          Get a new Map typed path
<A> SetPath<A,PathBuilder<A>>
PathBuilder.getSet(String property, Class<A> type)
          Get a new Set typed path

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