Package com.mysema.query.types

Contains Querydsl grammar types


Interface Summary
CollectionExpression<T extends Collection<E>,E> CollectionExpression represents java.util.Collection typed expressions
Constant<T> Constant represents a general constant expression.
EntityPath<T> EntityPath is the common interface for entity path expressions
Expression<T> Expression defines a general typed expression in a Query instance.
FactoryExpression<T> FactoryExpression represents factory expressions such as JavaBean or Constructor projections
MapExpression<K,V> MapExpression represents java.util.Map typed expressions
Operation<T> Operation represents an operation with operator and arguments
Operator<T> Operator represents operator symbols
ParamExpression<T> ParamExpression defines named and unnamed parameters in queries
Path<T> Path represents a path expression
Predicate Predicate is the common interface for Boolean typed expressions
ProjectionRole<T> Defines a custom projection for an Expression type
SubQueryExpression<T> SubQueryExpression represents a sub query.
TemplateExpression<T> TemplateExpression provides base types for custom expressions with integrated serialization templates
Visitor<R,C> Visitor defines a Visitor signature for Expression instances.

Class Summary
ArrayConstructorExpression<T> ArrayConstructorExpression extends ExpressionBase to represent array initializers
ConstantImpl<T> ConstantImpl is the default implementation of the Constant interface
ConstructorExpression<T> ConstructorExpression represents a constructor invocation
Converters Converters provides expression converters for lower case, upper case and prefix/suffix conversions
ExpressionBase<T> ExpressionBase is the base class for immutable Expression implementations
ExpressionUtils ExpressionUtils provides utilities for constructing common operation instances
ExtractorVisitor ExtractorVisitor is a Visitor implementation for Expression extraction
FactoryExpressionUtils Utility class to expand FactoryExpression constructor arguments and compress FactoryExpression invocation arguments
HashCodeVisitor HashCodeVisitor is used for hashCode generation in Expression implementations.
JavaTemplates JavaTemplates extends Templates to provide Java syntax compliant serialization of Querydsl expressions
MappingProjection<T> Projection template that allows implementing arbitrary mapping of rows to result objects.
MutableExpressionBase<T> MutableExpressionBase is the base class for mutable Expression implementations
NullExpression<T> NullExpression defines a general null expression
OperationImpl<T> OperationImpl is the default implementation of the Operation interface
OperatorImpl<T> OperatorImpl is the default implementation of the Operator interface
Ops Ops provides the operators for the fluent query grammar.
Ops.AggOps Aggregation operators
Ops.DateTimeOps Date and time operators
Ops.MathOps Math operators
Ops.QuantOps Quantification operators
Ops.StringOps String operators
OrderSpecifier<T extends Comparable> OrderSpecifier represents an order-by-element in a Query instance
ParamExpressionImpl<T> ParamExpressionImpl defines a parameter in a query with an optional name
PathExtractor Extracts the first path that occurs in an expression via breadth first search
PathImpl<T> PathImpl defines a default implementation of the Path interface
PathMetadata<T> PathMetadata provides metadata for Path expressions.
PathMetadataFactory PathMetadataFactory is a factory class for Path construction
PredicateOperation PredicateOperation provides a Boolean typed Operation implementation
PredicateTemplate PredicateTemplate provides a Boolean typed TemplateExpression implementation
Projections Factory class for FactoryExpression instances
QBean<T> QBean is a JavaBean populating projection type
QTuple QTuple represents a projection of type Tuple
SubQueryExpressionImpl<T> SubQueryExpressionImpl is the default implementation of the SubQueryExpression interface
Template Template for Operation, TemplateExpression and Path serialization
TemplateExpressionImpl<T> Default implementation of the TemplateExpression interface
TemplateFactory TemplateFactory is a factory for Template instances
Templates Templates provides operator patterns for query expression serialization
ToStringVisitor ToStringVisitor is used for toString() serialization in Expression implementations.

Enum Summary
Order Order defines ascending and descending order
PathType PathType represents the relation of a Path to its parent

Exception Summary

Package com.mysema.query.types Description

Contains Querydsl grammar types

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