Uses of Interface

Packages that use ParametrizedExpression
com.mysema.query.types Contains Querydsl grammar types 
com.mysema.query.types.expr Operations represent typed operations with operator and arguments 
com.mysema.query.types.path Paths represent typed property paths, variables and list-map-array access 
com.mysema.query.types.query Subquery implementations 

Uses of ParametrizedExpression in com.mysema.query.types

Subinterfaces of ParametrizedExpression in com.mysema.query.types
 interface CollectionExpression<T extends Collection<E>,E>
          CollectionExpression represents java.util.Collection typed expressions
 interface MapExpression<K,V>
          MapExpression represents java.util.Map typed expressions

Uses of ParametrizedExpression in com.mysema.query.types.expr

Subinterfaces of ParametrizedExpression in com.mysema.query.types.expr
 interface ListExpression<E,Q extends SimpleExpression<? super E>>
          ListExpression represents java.util.List typed expressions

Classes in com.mysema.query.types.expr that implement ParametrizedExpression
 class CollectionExpressionBase<T extends Collection<E>,E>
          CollectionExpressionBase is an abstract base class for CollectionExpression implementations
 class MapExpressionBase<K,V,Q extends SimpleExpression<? super V>>
          MapExpressionBase is an abstract base class for MapExpression implementations

Uses of ParametrizedExpression in com.mysema.query.types.path

Classes in com.mysema.query.types.path that implement ParametrizedExpression
 class CollectionPath<E,Q extends SimpleExpression<? super E>>
          CollectionPath represents collection paths
 class CollectionPathBase<C extends Collection<E>,E,Q extends SimpleExpression<? super E>>
          CollectionPath is a base class for collection typed paths
 class ListPath<E,Q extends SimpleExpression<? super E>>
          ListPath represents list paths
 class MapPath<K,V,E extends SimpleExpression<? super V>>
          MapPath represents map paths
 class SetPath<E,Q extends SimpleExpression<? super E>>
          SetPath represents set paths

Uses of ParametrizedExpression in com.mysema.query.types.query

Classes in com.mysema.query.types.query that implement ParametrizedExpression
 class ListSubQuery<T>
          List result subquery

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