Uses of Class

Packages that use JavaTemplates
com.mysema.query.collections Implementations of Querydsl query interfaces for JavaBean collections 
com.mysema.query.jdo JDOQL support for Querydsl 

Uses of JavaTemplates in com.mysema.query.collections

Subclasses of JavaTemplates in com.mysema.query.collections
 class ColQueryTemplates
          ColQueryTemplates extends JavaTemplates to add Java syntax specific operation templates.
 class JodaTimeTemplates
          Custom templates which support the Joda Time API instead of the JDK Date API

Uses of JavaTemplates in com.mysema.query.jdo

Subclasses of JavaTemplates in com.mysema.query.jdo
 class JDOQLTemplates
          JDOQLTemplates provides patterns for JDOQL serialization

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