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com.mysema.query.sql SQL/JDBC support for Querydsl 
com.mysema.query.types Contains Querydsl grammar types 

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 class QPair<K,V>
          A pair of (Map) key and value

Uses of ExpressionBase in com.mysema.query.sql

Subclasses of ExpressionBase in com.mysema.query.sql
 class QBeans
          Expression used to project a list of beans

Uses of ExpressionBase in com.mysema.query.types

Subclasses of ExpressionBase in com.mysema.query.types
 class ArrayConstructorExpression<T>
          ArrayConstructorExpression extends ExpressionBase to represent array initializers
 class ConstantImpl<T>
          ConstantImpl is the default implementation of the Constant interface
 class ConstructorExpression<T>
          ConstructorExpression represents a constructor invocation
static class FactoryExpressionUtils.FactoryExpressionAdapter<T>
 class MappingProjection<T>
          Projection template that allows implementing arbitrary mapping of rows to result objects.
 class NullExpression<T>
          NullExpression defines a general null expression
 class OperationImpl<T>
          OperationImpl is the default implementation of the Operation interface
 class ParamExpressionImpl<T>
          ParamExpressionImpl defines a parameter in a query with an optional name
 class PathImpl<T>
          PathImpl defines a default implementation of the Path interface
 class PredicateOperation
          PredicateOperation provides a Boolean typed Operation implementation
 class PredicateTemplate
          PredicateTemplate provides a Boolean typed TemplateExpression implementation
 class QBean<T>
          QBean is a JavaBean populating projection type
 class QTuple
          QTuple represents a projection of type Tuple
 class SubQueryExpressionImpl<T>
          SubQueryExpressionImpl is the default implementation of the SubQueryExpression interface
 class TemplateExpressionImpl<T>
          Default implementation of the TemplateExpression interface

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