Uses of Interface

Packages that use Constant
com.mysema.query.jpa Query implementations for HQL and JPAQL 
com.mysema.query.sql SQL/JDBC support for Querydsl 
com.mysema.query.sql.types Types for de/serialization to ResultSet and PreparedStatement Various support classes 
com.mysema.query.types Contains Querydsl grammar types 

Uses of Constant in com.mysema.query.jpa

Methods in com.mysema.query.jpa with parameters of type Constant
 Void NativeSQLSerializer.visit(Constant<?> expr, Void context)
 Void JPQLSerializer.visit(Constant<?> expr, Void context)
 boolean HQLTemplates.wrapConstant(Constant<?> expr)
 boolean JPQLTemplates.wrapConstant(Constant<?> expr)

Uses of Constant in com.mysema.query.mongodb

Methods in com.mysema.query.mongodb with parameters of type Constant
 Object MongodbSerializer.visit(Constant<?> expr, Void context)

Uses of Constant in com.mysema.query.sql

Methods in com.mysema.query.sql with parameters of type Constant
 Void SQLSerializer.visit(Constant<?> expr, Void context)

Uses of Constant in com.mysema.query.sql.types

Fields in com.mysema.query.sql.types declared as Constant
static Constant<Null> Null.CONSTANT

Uses of Constant in

Methods in with parameters of type Constant
 Expression<?> CollectionAnyVisitor.visit(Constant<?> expr, Context context)
 Expression<?> ListAccessVisitor.visit(Constant<?> expr, Context context)
 Void SerializerBase.visit(Constant<?> expr, Void context)

Uses of Constant in com.mysema.query.types

Classes in com.mysema.query.types that implement Constant
 class ConstantImpl<T>
          ConstantImpl is the default implementation of the Constant interface

Methods in com.mysema.query.types that return Constant
static Constant<Boolean> ConstantImpl.create(boolean b)
static Constant<Byte> ConstantImpl.create(byte i)
static Constant<Character> ConstantImpl.create(char i)
<T> Constant<Class<T>>
ConstantImpl.create(Class<T> constant)
static Constant<Integer> ConstantImpl.create(int i)
static Constant<Long> ConstantImpl.create(long i)
static Constant<Short> ConstantImpl.create(short i)
static Constant<String> ConstantImpl.create(String str)
static Constant<String> ConstantImpl.create(String str, boolean populateCache)

Methods in com.mysema.query.types with parameters of type Constant
 String Converters.escapeForLike(Constant<String> expr)
 R Visitor.visit(Constant<?> expr, C context)
 String ToStringVisitor.visit(Constant<?> e, Templates templates)
 Path<?> PathExtractor.visit(Constant<?> expr, Void context)
 Integer HashCodeVisitor.visit(Constant<?> expr, Void context)
 Expression<?> ExtractorVisitor.visit(Constant<?> expr, Void context)
 Void ValidatingVisitor.visit(Constant<?> expr, Void context)

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