Various support classes


Class Summary
DetachableAdapter DetachableAdapter is an apadater implementation for the Detachable interface
DetachableMixin Mixin style implementation of the Detachable interface
DetachableQuery<Q extends DetachableQuery<Q>> DetachableQuery is a base class for queries which implement the Query and Detachable interfaces
Expressions Expression factory class
OrderedQueryMetadata OrderedQueryMetadata performs no metadata validation and ensures that FROM elements are before JOIN elements
ProjectableAdapter<P extends Projectable> ProjectableAdapter is an adapter implementation for the Projectable interface
ProjectableQuery<Q extends ProjectableQuery<Q>> ProjectableQuery extends the QueryBase class to provide default implementations of the methods of the Projectable interface
QueryBase<Q extends QueryBase<Q>> QueryBase provides a stub for Query implementations
QueryMixin<T> Mixin style Query implementation
SerializerBase<S extends SerializerBase<S>> SerializerBase is a stub for Serializer implementations
SimpleProjectableAdapter<T> SimpleQueryAdapter is an apdater implementation for the SimpleQuery and SimpleProjectabl interfaces
SimpleQueryAdapter<T> Deprecated.

Package Description

Various support classes

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