Package com.mysema.query.sql

SQL/JDBC support for Querydsl


Interface Summary
RelationalPath<T> RelationalPath extends EntityPath to provide access to relational metadata
SQLCommonQuery<Q extends SQLCommonQuery<Q>> SQLCommonQuery is a common interface for SQLQuery and SQLSubQuery
SQLQuery Query interface for SQL queries
SQLQueryFactory<Q extends SQLCommonQuery<?>,SQ extends AbstractSQLSubQuery<?>,D extends SQLDeleteClause,U extends SQLUpdateClause,I extends SQLInsertClause,M extends SQLMergeClause> Factory interface for query and clause creation
Union<RT> Union defines an interface for Union queries

Class Summary
AbstractSQLQuery<Q extends AbstractSQLQuery<Q> & Query> AbstractSQLQuery is the base type for SQL query implementations
AbstractSQLQueryFactory<Q extends SQLCommonQuery<?>>  
AbstractSQLSubQuery<Q extends AbstractSQLSubQuery<Q>> Abstract superclass for SubQuery implementations
Beans Beans contains a list of beans
ColumnImpl ColumnImpl is an implementation for the Column annotation
Configuration Configuration for SQLQuery instances
DerbyTemplates DerbyTemplates is an SQL dialect for Derby
ForeignKey<E> ForeignKey defines a foreign key on a table to another table
H2Templates H2Templates is an SQL dialect for H2
HSQLDBTemplates HSQLDBTemplates is an SQL dialect for HSQLDB
JavaTypeMapping JavaTypeMapping provides a mapping from Class to Type instances
JDBCTypeMapping JDBCTypeMapping defines a mapping from JDBC types to Java classes.
MySQLTemplates MySQLTemplates is an SQL dialect for MySQL tested with MySQL CE 5.1
OracleTemplates OracleTemplates is an SQL dialect for Oracle tested with Oracle 10g XE
PostgresTemplates PostgresTemplates is an SQL dialect for PostgreSQL tested with PostgreSQL 8.4
PrimaryKey<E> PrimaryKey defines a primary key on table
QBeans Expression used to project a list of beans
RelationalFunctionCall<T> Represents a table valued function call
RelationalPathBase<T> RelationalPathBase is a base class for RelationPath implements
SQLExpressions Common SQL expressions
SQLQueryFactoryImpl Factory class for query and DML clause creation
SQLQueryImpl SQLQueryImpl is a JDBC based implementation of the Querydsl SQLQuery interface
SQLResultIterator<T> SQLResultIterator is an Iterator adapter for JDBC result sets with customizable projections
SQLSerializer SqlSerializer serializes Querydsl queries into SQL
SQLServerTemplates SQLServerTemplates is an SQL dialect for Microsoft SQL Server tested with MS SQL Server 2008 Express
SQLSubQuery SQLSubQuery is a subquery implementation for SQL queries
SQLTemplates SQLTemplates extends Templates to provides SQL specific extensions and acts as database specific Dialect for Querydsl SQL
UnionImpl<Q extends Query & Projectable,RT> Default implementation of the Union interface

Enum Summary

Annotation Types Summary
Column Defines the related SQL table column for a property

Package com.mysema.query.sql Description

SQL/JDBC support for Querydsl

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