Package com.mysema.query

Contains basic Query elements


Interface Summary
FilteredClause<C extends FilteredClause<C>> Parent interface for clauses with a filter condition
Projectable Projectable defines default projection methods for Query implementations.
Query<Q extends Query<Q>> Query defines the main query interface of the fluent query language.
QueryFactory<Q extends Query<?>,SQ extends Detachable> Common interface for QueryFactory implementations
QueryMetadata QueryMetadata defines query metadata such as query sources, filtering conditions and the projection
ResultTransformer<T> Executes query on a Projectable and transforms results into T.
SimpleProjectable<T> SimpleProjectable defines a simpler projection interface than Projectable.
SimpleQuery<Q extends SimpleQuery<Q>> SimpleQuery defines a simple querying interface than Query
Tuple Tuple defines an interface for generic query result projection

Class Summary
BooleanBuilder BooleanBuilder is a cascading builder for Predicate expressions.
DefaultQueryMetadata DefaultQueryMetadata is the default implementation of the QueryMetadata interface
JoinExpression JoinExpression is a join element in a Query instance.
JoinFlag JoinFlag defines a join related flag using an Expression instance
QueryFlag Defines a positioned flag in a Query for customization of query serialization
QueryModifiers QueryModifiers combines limit and offset info into a single type.
SearchResults<T> SearchResults bundles data for paged search results

Enum Summary
JoinType JoinType defines the supported join types

Exception Summary

Package com.mysema.query Description

Contains basic Query elements

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