Package com.mysema.query.jpa

Query implementations for HQL and JPAQL


Interface Summary
JPQLCommonQuery<Q extends JPQLCommonQuery<Q>> JPQLCommonQuery is a common interface for HQLQuery and HQLSubQuery
JPQLQuery Query interface for JPQL queries

Class Summary
AbstractJPQLSubQuery<Q extends AbstractJPQLSubQuery<Q>> Abstract superclass for SubQuery implementations
AbstractSQLQuery<T extends AbstractSQLQuery<T>> Abstract super class for SQLQuery implementation for JPA and Hibernate
EclipseLinkTemplates NOTE : this is under construction
HQLTemplates HQLTemplates extends JPQLTemplates with Hibernate specific extensions
JPQLGrammar JPQLGrammar provides factory methods for JPQL specific operations elements.
JPQLQueryBase<Q extends JPQLQueryBase<Q>> JPQLQueryBase is a base Query class for JPQL queries
JPQLQueryMixin<T> JPQLQueryMixin extends QueryMixin to support JPQL join construction
JPQLSerializer JPQLSerializer serializes Querydsl expressions into JPQL syntax.
JPQLSubQuery JPQLSubQuery is a subquery class for JPQL
JPQLTemplates JPQLTemplates extends Templates to provide operator patterns for JPQL serialization
NativeSQLSerializer NativeSQLSerializer extends the SQLSerializer to extract referenced entity paths and change some serialization formats
OpenJPATemplates JPQLTemplates subclass for OpenJPA specific serialization

Package com.mysema.query.jpa Description

Query implementations for HQL and JPAQL

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