Package com.mysema.query.jdo

JDOQL support for Querydsl


Interface Summary
JDOQLCommonQuery<Q extends JDOQLCommonQuery<Q>> JDOQLCommonQuery is a parent interface for JDOQLQuery and JDOQLSubQuery
JDOQLQuery Query interface for JDOQL queries

Class Summary
AbstractJDOQLQuery<Q extends AbstractJDOQLQuery<Q>> Abstract base class for custom implementations of the JDOQLQuery interface.
AbstractJDOQLSubQuery<Q extends AbstractJDOQLSubQuery<Q>> Abstract superclass for SubQuery implementations
JDOQLQueryImpl Default implementation of the JDOQLQuery interface
JDOQLQueryMixin<T> JDOQLQueryMixin extends QueryMixin
JDOQLSerializer JDOQLSerializer serializes Querydsl queries and expressions into JDOQL strings
JDOQLSubQuery JDOQLSubQuery is subquery implementation for JDOQL
JDOQLTemplates JDOQLTemplates provides patterns for JDOQL serialization
JDOQueryFactory Factory class for query and DML clause creation
JDOTuple JDOTuple is a Tuple implementation for JDOQuery instances

Package com.mysema.query.jdo Description

JDOQL support for Querydsl

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