Package com.mysema.query.collections

Implementations of Querydsl query interfaces for JavaBean collections


Interface Summary
ColQuery Query interface for Collection queries
QueryEngine QueryEngine defines an interface for the evaluation of ColQuery queries

Class Summary
AbstractColQuery<Q extends AbstractColQuery<Q>> AbstractColQuery provides a base class for Collection query implementations.
ColDeleteClause<T> ColDeleteClause is an implementation of the DeleteClause interface for the Querydsl Collections module
ColQueryFunctions ColQueryFunctions defines function implementation for use in ColQueryTemplates
ColQueryImpl ColQueryImpl is the default implementation of the ColQuery interface
ColQueryMixin<T> ColQueryMixin extends QueryMixin
ColQuerySerializer ColQuerySerializer is a Serializer implementation for the Java language
ColQueryTemplates ColQueryTemplates extends JavaTemplates to add Java syntax specific operation templates.
ColUpdateClause<T> ColUpdateClause is an implementation of the UpdateClause interface for Querydsl Collections
DefaultEvaluatorFactory DefaultEvaluatorFactory extends the EvaluatorFactory class to provide Java source templates for evaluation of ColQuery queries
DefaultQueryEngine Default implementation of the QueryEngine interface
EvaluatorFunction<S,T> Function implementation which uses an Evaluator for transformation
JodaTimeTemplates Custom templates which support the Joda Time API instead of the JDK Date API
MiniApi MiniApi provides static convenience methods for query construction
MultiComparator<T> MultiComparator compares

Package com.mysema.query.collections Description

Implementations of Querydsl query interfaces for JavaBean collections

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