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Packages that use ResultTransformer
com.mysema.query Contains basic Query elements Various support classes 

Uses of ResultTransformer in com.mysema.query

Methods in com.mysema.query with parameters of type ResultTransformer
<T> T
Projectable.transform(ResultTransformer<T> transformer)
          Apply the given transformer to this Projectable instance and return the results

Uses of ResultTransformer in

Classes in that implement ResultTransformer
 class GroupBy<K,V>
          Groups results by the first expression.

Methods in that return ResultTransformer
 ResultTransformer<Map<K,Group>><?>... expressions)
<V> ResultTransformer<Map<K,V>><V> expression)
<V> ResultTransformer<Map<K,V>><V> expression)

Uses of ResultTransformer in

Methods in with parameters of type ResultTransformer
<T> T
ProjectableAdapter.transform(ResultTransformer<T> transformer)
<T> T
ProjectableQuery.transform(ResultTransformer<T> transformer)

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